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Question :)

 Hi, I am a computer science student and was hoping
that you could answer my questions about dr scheme...

 For one of our subjects, our project is to make a
program using a randomly chosen language, so basically
we have to learn the language on our own..

 So now I am trying to use dr scheme to make a pacman
game... My question is about threads, I used threads
to make the ghost move at the same time as I move
pacman.. problem is, if I want to pause the game, I
don't know how to make the thread for ghosts stop
temporarily and continue once I continue the game..
Can someone explain threads to me? Since I'm just
studying scheme on my own and can't find any other
references, I am having a hard time finishing my

 My other problem is that I have a function for best
scores.. So how do I save data such as scores and be
able to load them and display them in a seperate

 Sorry that I have such a long email, but I'm trying
to finish this ASAP, since I have 2 other programming
projects to worry about...

 Oh yeah, in case someone could help me with this, I
was also hoping to use scheme language to implement A*
algorithm.. If anyone has any ideas??? :)

 Thanks :)

                                            Pamela Tan

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