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No Subject


I have a problem and I hope that anyone on this list can provide me with
som hints.

I have a scheme program that should be evaluated. The evaluation should be
divided into phases and I should be able to get the evaluation back to
f.x. the previous stage. As I understand continuations, it is the
technique that I need to use. My problem is that I need to do it from an
embedded MzScheme. So I want to get my hands in the entire embedded scheme
process, with all that has been evaluated so far(the entire context). Is
this possible? As I understand it scheme_setjmp_buf and scheme_longjmp
does not save all that is needed.

The ultimate goal is to be able to grap the process and the entire context
and store it away. After some time with the application, embedding
MzScheme, have been shutdown and restarted I would like to be able to grab
the stored process (with context) and restore it ad continue the

Is this totally impossible?

Best regards
	Mikael Hansen