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Parser Libraries and Newbie Disclaimer

If this is not the right forum for questions about distributions, my
apologies; I couldn't find a more plausible contact.

I recently installed the PLT suite, and I'm looking for parser generator
and lexer tools.  Apparently "parser-tools" collection is available with
v.200, but it is not in the v.103 distribution.  Will that collection
with 103, and if so, how can I download it (Help Desk and the libraries
links say it's provided, and give no link).  If not, can anyone point me
to some good Scheme libraries I might use instead?  I've looked at the
and Indiana repositories, and I'm concerned about the age of the

Many thanks,

 -- Bill Wood

BTW, I started browsing the Web archives for this mailing list, and it's
great!  I've done a lot of Lisp programming, a little Scheme, and I'm
very interested in the ML and Haskell families.  This mailing list is a
treasure trove for my interests.  Thanks.