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Re: scheme_block_until ready function

Quoting Ron Stanonik:
> The documentation says that scheme_block_until calls ready periodically
> and returns when ready returns true.  From my logging I can see that
> ready is called many times, but scheme_block_until doesn't seem to return
> until sleep expires.  Is that correct?

Ack... it's broken (and the brokenness shows through in

I'll fix that for 200alpha13, to be available through CVS later today.

> Also, the documentation says that if "fdf" is NULL "the thread only becomes
> unblocked through Scheme actions".  What Scheme actions can cause
> scheme_block_until to return?

It's trying to say that the following must be true: the result from
`ready' can change only due to activity in another thread, and not as a
result of an activity on file descriptors.