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case-sentivity for modules?

In most of my code, I expect case-sensitivity (though function/variable names 
don't actually rely on it). Testing some code recently ported to v200, I've 
run into a problem.

Using DrScheme, I have the language setting to be case-sensitive. But when I 
require a module with case-sensitive names, e.g.:

(module xsd mzscheme
    (lambda items (cons 'attributeGroup items)))
    (lambda items (cons 'attributeGroup items)))

Code in the file which "required" this module can see attribute but not 
attributeGroup. The problem seems to be that the module sees attributeGroup 
as attributegroup (i.e. case-insensitive), while the main file is looking for 
attributeGroup (i.e. case-sensitive).

Indeed, attempting to place definitions for both attributegroup and 
attributeGroup in the same module produces an error indicating duplicate 

How do I indicate in a module definition that it should be treated 

Jim Bender