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Re: Product distribution

Assuming you've made a program that can run without interaction with the
read-eval-print loop, you could use mzc to compile the program on a
windows machine (or other platform too). Complinging can also be down by
way of the make executable menu item (i think it's in the scheme menu or
something) in drscheme, which calls mzc.

with regards to a read-eval-print loop independant program, you'll
probablly want to use mred to create a GUI. aside from with you could use
write/display/printf along with the global argv to make a command line


On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, zhaoway wrote:

> Hi,
> I plan to use PLT in a project. One question is about product 
> distribution. I am not required to distribute stand-alone program, but 
> if I can, it certainly would be cool. So, what are the proper means to 
> distribute my product to my customers who are primarily using Windows 
> and are not technical savvy at all.
> Thanks a lot,
> zw