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Closing Mr Ed When launched

Apologies if this is not the right forum for this post...

We have a simulation developed in Scheme; execution is begun from a
Scheme launcher, invoked by a shell command in Visual Basic (under
Windows 2000). When the simulation completes (its results having been
dumped into files) a 'Standard Output' window opens that displays simply
'#t [Exited]'. We have automated the VB routine to run many runs of this
(it's actually a database routine that stores both the input parameters
and the results), but our problem arises because these Standard Output
windows remain open and memory continues to be allocated for them. After
50+ of these windows are open Windows 2000 begins to complain about low
virtual memory. Is there a way to have the Mr Ed actually close itself
completely, so that no Standard Output windows is opened and the memory
allocated to Mr Ed is freed?


John T. Murphy
University of Arizona
Department of Anthropology