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Re: Embedding MzScheme for Mac OS X

Title: Re: Embedding MzScheme for Mac OS X
At 1:43 PM +0100 2/7/02, Mickael Gasrel wrote:
Can MzScheme (no DrScheme, only MzScheme libs) be embedded into an application for Mac OS X ?
If yes, which version I have to retrieve ?
Do you provide a ProjectBuilder project or pre-compilated shared libraries ?

Yes, this should now be possible, assuming you are willing to link against the static libraries (libmzscheme.a and libgc.a).

There are two caveats I should throw at you:

1) the README files for compilation under OS X are out of date, and need to be updated.  In particular, the build process for MzScheme is now identical to the UNIX build process, except that you must set CC to point to the Metrowerks command-line compiler, "mwccppc".

2) I haven't done this (embedded MzScheme) myself, and it's possible that there are other problems that you'll run into.  How about that for a nice broad warning?