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XtAppAddInput and XtAppAddTimeOut


I'm working on linux.

I'm trying to turn wish (Tcl/Tk) into a mred extension by creating a wish
shared library and replacing its event loop, Tk_Main(), with callbacks from
mred's event loop.  Tcl and Tk are already libraries, Tcl/Tk provides a
mechanism for replacing its event loop with callbacks from an external event
loop, and there is sample code to do that from an Xt event loop.  Alas, the
callbacks I registered using XtAppAddInput and XtAppAddTimeOut (with context
wxAPP_CONTEXT) aren't getting called back from mred.  Searching through
mred/wxwindows I haven't found a typical Xt event loop (XtAppProcessEvent or
XtAppNextEvent/XtDispatchEvent).  What I need are callbacks on file
discripters and timeouts.  Should I be using something other than XtAppAdd?

If you want to see my code, visit:



Ron Stanonik