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The exp-tagged code in CVS for MzScheme and MrEd is now version


 * `namespace-variable-binding' has been replaced by
   `namespace-variable-value' and `namespace-set-variable-value!'.

 * Added `namespace-symbol->identifier'.

 * The MzScheme and MrEd executables take special action when the
   invoked executable name is of the form `scheme-<dialect>' (i.e., the
   MzScheme/MrEd executable is renamed, or it is accessed via a link).
   Specifically, the module `(lib "init.ss" "script-lang" "<dialect>")'
   is invoked to initialize the namespace; the first argument is used
   as a filename to load afterward; and, finally, `main' is called with
   the leftover arguments as a list of strings.

   This executable-name trick is intended to let someone implement
   SRFI-22 easily (where "someone" is probably Francisco).

   The call-`main'-with-arguments feature is also available separately
   through a new -C/--main flag.