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mzscheme as an embedded scripting language

Hello, world.

I work on a project where we build a big distributed client-server 
package. The architecture of the package is this: several separate 
processes manage some devices (each one it's own). These proceses are 
being managed by the central "device manager" process which controls all 
of them through message passing. All device manager's logic is implemented 
in some script language (perl for now). I'd like to replace perl with some 
implementation of Scheme because I find Scheme more suitable to express 
this application's logic. The question is "what Scheme to choose". The 
main requirement to embedded Scheme is quick response time, since I 
operate with some quick hardware devices. I like MzScheme for it's 
functionality and good (in fact, the best I've ever seen) documentation.

What do you,  world,  think: can MzScheme be used as a quick (at least 
quicker than perl) embedded Scheme implementation 
or I should choose something better?

Yours truely, WBR, Paul Argentoff.