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Re: Introductory material on hygienic macros in dr scheme

	Perhaps the PLT group has other sources in mind, but I know the
sources I've made use of:

  * Dybvig. "Writing Hygenic Macros in Scheme with Syntax-Case".


  * Dybvig. The Scheme Programming Language
    Full text at


	I don't know if these constitute a gentle introduction to macros
using syntax-case in v200; I only toss them out as two of the sources I've
used in trying to wrap my head around them.

	I like the collection of articles that are available at


and, for you in particular,


has a number of articles on Macros in Scheme. Many of them won't answer
your question, but might provide for good bedtime reading.


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On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Chris Wright wrote:

> What would be the best place to find introductory material on the macro
> syntax in dr scheme?