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schemedoc - almost release

Hi all,

Some of you may remember the schemedoc project I
posted about a while ago.  I've been working on it for
a while and it's now producing documentation for my
test file.  I'd appreciate any comments people may
have on the documentation style and HTML format.  It's
not in the schematics CVS yet; you can find a copy at


In this directory find a file test-file.scm.html that
in an example of the documentation generated for
test-file.scm (test-file.scm.doc is an intermediate
stage).  The tar ball has all the code for those who
are interested.  I've only got a very rough
implementation of the formatting macros.

Currently documentation is specified with xexprs, with
a few special cases and macros to make the common case
easier.  The most minimal doc-comment is


but you can get fancier (see test-file.scm).  The
formatting is very fragile and will likely break if
you rearrange the order of the documentation
directives.  I'll welcome advice from any keen hackers
who can see how to fix this.


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