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Re: Scheme resources

> Hi Paulo,

Hi Shriram,

> PLT Scheme has pretty good support for some aspects of this.  You
> really ought to look at the MzScheme documentation to see whether what 
> we provide is good enough; else, you could post detailed lists of
> requirements.  For instance, the networking support is very useful but 
> also minimal (a good high-level abstraction), so if you need
> fine-grained control over the connection, you may not find it.

I've looked at the mzscheme manual, although I've found out
sockets, I could not find any graphics section there. :(
I don't need a fine grained control over the connection, I'll
only want to send some lists over the connection, I'm sure that
if scheme has sockets, it'll be able to do that.
Some other question: code written in mzscheme in Linux with
graphics and sockets will run without modification in Windows and

> Shriram

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