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forwarded message from Benjamin C. Pierce

An interesting new venue for XML fans to show their wares (and,
hopefully, how Scheme nudges things along).

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                     Oct 3, 2002   Pittsburgh, PA
                        (Co-located with ICFP)

                     PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS
                          [Pending approval]
XML has emerged as the de facto standard for data interchange on the web.
The use of XML as a common format for representation, interchange, and
transformation of data poses new challenges to programming languages,
applications, and database systems.  During the last few years, the
database research community has devoted a lot of attention to XML's data
representation challenges, as evidenced by the number of XML-related
publications in premier database conferences and journals.

In contrast, the attention devoted to XML by the programming language
research community has been minimal.  This is unfortunate, since the
robustness of current and future programming standards and tools for XML
will depend on the strength of their foundations in core programming
technologies e.g., XML parsing (parsing theory and incremental parsing),
XML schemas (type systems), XPATH expressions and XSLT programs
(pattern-matching languages and their optimization), XSLT debuggers
(dynamic program analysis and slicing).  Since XML is a new domain, core
programming technologies developed in past research cannot be used
unchanged; instead, novel research is required to address the unique
challenges posed by XML and its use in web applications and standalone

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the programming
languages and XML communities,

  a) to foster novel research to address unique challenges being posed by
     XML on current and future programming technologies;

  b) to exchange information on early research experiences with XML-related
     programming systems, tools, and languages; 


  c) to expose the PLI community to XML technologies and the potential
     impact of these technologies on future software.


  Paper submission deadline       May 1
  Notification of acceptance      June 21
  Final papers due                Sep 4

    Vivek Sarkar, IBM

    Allen Brown (Microsoft) 
    Sophie Cluet (Xyleme / INRIA)
    Mary Fernandez (AT&T Labs)
    Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown)
    Makoto Murata (IBM Japan)
    Benjamin Pierce (University of Pennsylvania), co-chair
    Michael Schwartzbach (Aarhus)
    Dan Suciu (University of Washington)
    Philip Wadler (Avaya Labs), co-chair
    [others to be confirmed]

    James Clark