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Re: dot plt files question

Quoting Francisco Solsona:
> I create a ".plt" file using the `pack' procedure (from pack.ss), and
> everything goes fine until I try to unpack it, it says something like:
> ,--------------------
> | setup-plt: Unpacking SchemeQL from schemeql.plt
> | expected a unit, got #t
> `--------------------

The docs were wrong; there should have been an extra argument between
`file-mode' and `plt-relative?', and you want to supply a #f for that

I wonder if `pack-collections' might be a more convenient
function for your purposes? Possibly you're not using it because it
wasn't documented right, either; the `collections' argument is third
instead of first.

I've commited and exp-tagged a corrected plt/collects/setup/doc.txt.