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Re: string-join ?

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  > Lo, on Tuesday, January 8, Shriram Krishnamurthi did write:
  > > Take a look at Olin Shivers's excellent SRFI on this.  I imagine that
  > > all of that code ports directly with just a MODULE wrapper.  That's
  > > what I would use, to get something designed well and to avoid
  > > reinventing even so much as a spoke.
  > Second the motion.
  > I've used scsh's implemetation of this SRFI a couple of times.  The
  > interface is a great deal more general than that provided by Perl's
  > split and join (as you might expect), so it can be a little tricky to
  > figure out how to implement split and join, but it's very well designed,
  > and thoroughly documented as well.
  > (Would that some of my co-workers could write even half as well as
  > Shivers!)

Well, yes, some academics could learn from him, too. -- Matthias