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Re: Readings in Scheme...

Brent Fulgham schrieb:
> While many may debate the various merits of procedural programming,
> UNIX, and the C programming language, few would disagree that a large
> history and culture has developed around them.  A lot of young
> C hackers learn their 'art' through the study of code samples or such
> volumes as "Lions' Commentary on Unix", etc.
> Does some similar touchstone exist in the Scheme/Lisp world that
> would serve as a good model to emulate in crafting large Scheme systems?
> I often hear about Queinnec's "Lisp in Small Pieces", but have not
> read this one myself.  Are there others?

"Lisp in Small Pieces" is for sure not the book you want to read 
the easy way. nearly impossible to read for the average reader and very 
hard for the experienced.

"SICP" and esp. "PAIP" would be my recommendations. 
Both have the right mix of easy to read, very convincing and advanced 
samples and techniques, high end stuff. "LiSP" is for some mind torturing 
from time to time, but not of any practical use to anybody.

But the "Perl Cookbook" and partially the "PHP Cookbook" do it better.
Esp. the perl cookbook, which is excellent.
Reini Urban