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Re: Someone else's matcher.

	It's largely the difference between being able to use the tools
the rest of my class is using and not using them. I believed it to be a
reasonable question, and no affront to the PLT group and Andrew's MATCH
was intended. I would love it if we embraced PLT's work here at Indiana in
terms of tools, but we don't.

	Put another way: My compilers course is taught in Chez, and I'd
rather have a compiler that ran in Mz/DrScheme when I get done, for a
variety of reasons. I'll use whatever tools I need to in accomplishing
that goal, and thought keeping my work in line with the rest of the class
was a good requirement to hold on to for at least the duration of one
question to this list. No good answers to similar questions have been
found here in the past.

	In the end, ask Kent or Dan why they don't teach using Andrew's
MATCH. I don't know the answer.


Matt Jadud                          mjadud at indiana dot edu
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On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Shriram Krishnamurthi wrote:

> Matt (Jadud, not Matthew Flatt),
> Who needs a new matcher in the first place?  What's wrong with the
> very high quality MATCH that Andrew Wright wrote and that PLT has
> supported for years?
> Shriram