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exceptions and object serialization


Shriram mentioned that one could build abstractions around with-handlers to
make it easier usable in various situations - is a package containing such
abstractions in the plt-scheme distribution or available online?  would be 
a nice thing to have it in the distribution and not let everyone reinvent
the wheel.

now to the serialization question.  i want an easy way to serialize/deserialize
instances of classes - is there any easy way to do it?  i've searched the
archives and didn't see anyone mention it.  and the documentation doesn't seem
to say a word about it.
i'd like to be able to fetch the name of a class which instance an object is,
the names of instance variables and their values of the object.
this would make it easy to create classes representing sql table rows and use
them for easy integration with an SQL database.o

or is this solved already?