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Re: tcp-listen

On Jan  7, Wojciech Sobczuk wrote:
> hey,
> it would be nice to have an option to tcp-listen on a single IP not
> all (as it is now).  it's probably a simple change..

But you can easily do it in Scheme:

  (define (connection)
    (printf ">>> ~s~%" (read-line)))
  (define (server)
    (define listener (tcp-listen 9999 1))
    (let loop ()
      (let*-values (((i o) (tcp-accept listener))
                    ((_ ip) (tcp-addresses i)))
        (when (equal? ip "")
          (parameterize ((current-input-port i)
                         (current-output-port o))
        (close-input-port i)
        (close-output-port o))

or maybe you want to deny connections?

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