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Re: peasant revolt against DrScheme!

I am a peasant, erh, one-semester student. I study in Nuremberg, Germany and
in our first-semester Algorithms Lecture we are learning Scheme. I must say
that there are some really nice concepts in it that make me think about
programming a new way (I've been programming in Pascal for some years). So
in that way I am very happy with Scheme. But the second-semester Algo
lecture will feature Java and I am looking forward to that too as I might be
able to use Java when I do some work for local companies and make some
So I think Scheme is very interesting (and cool of course :-) but our
professor also said that it is hardly used anywhere outside the AI.

Btw: I am not studying hard-core CS, but a mixture between economics and CS
but am definitely interested in the CS part and do welcome a scientific
approach to programming.

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