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Distribution of MrEd-based apps

I'm thinking of a couple of programs that I'd like to write, one small, one 
large (eventually).  I'm wondering how to go about putting together a 
download package that will include just what each application actually 
needs.  I'd assume for a graphical app, I'd need MrEd.exe, but what else?

I see games.exe at 44k, and assume that it references MrEd.exe, and a 
directory under collects that would be included.  How does one create an 
exe of that type, and what does that buy you?  Do you need all of collects, 
or is it feasible to pick and choose based on what you use?  (In case it 
matters, I'll hopefully be targeting all supported O/S's, not just Windows, 
although I won't have access to a Mac...)

I'm guessing that releasing a small package to folks that don't actually 
have MrEd already installed won't be worth the effort, i.e. if I need to 
send the whole MrEd.exe, I'd be better off compiling an executable (i.e. in 
C/C++), which will only contain what it needs, and be a quick 
download.  (The small app I have in mind would be Windows-only.)

OTOH, the larger app would most likely use most MrEd functionality and 
would be worth the download time.  I'd imagine I would put together a 
source package (that would change per release) and a base package 
(containing MrEd.exe and other needed support items) that could just be 
downloaded once.

Any light that folks can shine on this would be appreciated greatly.  I'm 
quite a Lisp/Scheme newbie, having only written a few Elisp macros, but the 
more I use it, the more I love the language, and would love to do something 
meaty in it.  Still, I'm climbing the learning curve...

Thanks in advance for the assistance, (and Merry Christmas),

P.S.  Didn't I see somewhere a list of apps written in DrScheme?  All of a 
sudden, I can't find it any more.