OMOS -- An Object Server for Program Execution

Douglas B. Orr and Robert W. Mecklenburg
Department of Computer Science

July 1992


The benefits of object-oriented programming are well known, but popular operating systems provide very few object-oriented features to users, and few are implemented using object-oriented techniques themselves. In this paper we discuss a mechanism for applying object-oriented programming concepts to program binding (linking) and execution. We describe OMOS, an object/meta-object server that embodies a flexible object framework. The OMOS framework projects an object-oriented structure onto programs and shared libraries that may not have been originally developed for use within an object-oriented environment. This framework provides natural facilities for inheritance, interposition, and overloading of operations, as well as development of classes with dynamically evolving behavior.

Full paper appeared in Proc. 2nd International Workshop on Object Orientation in Operating Systems, Paris, France, September 1992. Also appears as University of Utah Computer Science Department Technical Report UUCS-92-033.
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