NetBoot on a Floppy

This page allows OSKit users to download a gzip'd image of a bootable 1.44MB floppy containing Netboot from a stock OSKit build, with just the ethernet drivers required for a particular system. Use the form below to choose the driver set you need, plus your console options. Please do not choose more than 5 drivers at a time. It might take a minute to respond, so please be patient.

Please select the type of Ethernet drivers you need:

All the Ethernet drivers
LANCE (lance) 3Com 3c590/3c595 \"Vortex\" (vortex)
SEEQ 8005 (seeq8005) DEC 21040 (tulip)
Intel i82557 (eepro100) Hewlett Packard HP10/100VG ANY LAN (hp100)
SMC Ultra and SMC EtherEZ ISA (ultra) SMC 9000 series (smc9194)
WD80x3 (wd) 3Com Etherlink 2 (etherlink2)
HP LAN (hp) HP PC-LAN/plus (hpplus)
Ansel Communications EISA (ac3200) NE100 (ne)
Cabletron E2100 (e2100) Allied Telesis AT1700 (at1700)
Fujitsu FMV-181/182/183/184 (fmv18x) ICL EtherTeam 16i and 32 EISA (eth16i)
3Com EtherLink III (etherlink3) Zenith Z-Note (znet)
Intel EtherExpress (eexpress) Intel EtherExpress Pro/10 (eepro)
DIGITAL DEPCA & EtherWORKS (depca) DIGITAL EtherWORKS 3 (ewrk3)
DIGITAL DE425/DE434/DE435/DE450/DE500 (de4x5) Apricot 82596 (apricot)
3Com Etherlink 3c501 (etherlink) 3Com Etherlink 16 (etherlink16)
3Com Etherlink Plus (etherlinkplus) SK G16 (sk_g16)
NI5210 (ni52) NI6510 (ni65)

Tell us your default console preference:

Console Display 115200 Serial Line 9600 Serial Line

Tell us how long the GRUB menu should be displayed before booting (in seconds):
0 10 30 60 Forever!

Click here when you are ready.

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