We can't do everything we want to by ourselves; we're depending on other hackers in the Internet community joining in and helping us in various ways. This page describes a number of Mach subprojects that anyone with the appropriate skills is welcome to join in and help with, as well as a few projects already in progress that might be benefitted by some extra help as well. If you have anything to add to this page, just send it to me (Bryan Ford,

Needing to be Done

Here are some specific projects that really need to be done, but we won't have time to do ourselves any time soon. If you see anything in this section that you're interested in doing, just contact me to find out any further details that may be available or if anyone else is already working on it, and then go to it!

Currently In Progress

This is a list of some projects that are underway in various places; some of them perhaps could also use some additional help. Contact addresses are provided in case you're interested in any of them.