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Fluke: Flux -kernel Environment
Application Programming Interface Reference

Bryan Ford        Mike Hibler
The Flux Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT, USA 84112

This specification documents Version 2 of the Fluke API. It is mostly complete and correct, with the exception of incomplete specification of the processor-specific aspects (section 12) and some evolving terminology. The API may evolve to a new version before the first formal release of the prototype kernel implementing the Fluke API.

A companion document, ``Fluke: Design Principles and Rationale,'' describes the Fluke execution architecture in detail. It will be available soon.

Copyright © 1996-1999, University of Utah. All rights reserved. The University of Utah grants you the right to copy and reproduce this document or portions thereof for academic, research, evaluation, and personal use only, provided that this title page appears prominently. To arrange for alternate terms, contact the University at or +1-801-585-3271.

Utah Flux Research Group