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The Distributed Trusted Operating System (DTOS) project was a joint effort by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Secure Computing Corporation (SCC) to encourage strong, flexible security controls in next generation operating systems. DTOS was a successor to the Distributed Trusted Mach (DTMach) program. During the DTOS project, Secure Computing Corporation developed security enhancements to the Mach microkernel and a separate security server, using an earlier prototype of DTMach developed by the NSA for reference. The NSA developed security enhancements for the process management, file system, and network protocol implementations in the Lites Unix single server. DTOS was part of a broad operating system security research program by the NSA known as Synergy. The Synergy program is no longer active, although the Flask and Security-Enhanced Linux projects have continued to pursue its goals.

Secure Computing Corporation had two main tasks under the contract:

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