Holiday Inn University Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA  25 - 27 April 2001

Preliminary Call for Papers: 4th International Information Hiding Workshop

Many researchers are interested in hiding information or, conversely,
in preventing others from doing so. As the need to protect digital
intellectual property grows ever more urgent, this research is of
increasing interest to both the academic and business communities.
Current research themes include: copyright marking of digital objects,
covert channels in computer systems, detection of hidden information,
subliminal channels in cryptographic protocols,
low-probability-of-intercept communications, and various kinds of
anonymity services ranging from steganography through location security
to digital elections. An international workshop on Information Hiding
held in 1996 at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge (Springer LNCS
1174) brought together these closely linked areas of study.  The
workshop proved to be a success, and the research community followed it
up with a second one in 1998 in Portland (Springer LNCS 1525) and a
third one in 1999 in Dresden (Springer LNCS 1768).

Interested parties are invited to submit papers on research and
practice which are related to these areas of interest. Claims about
information hiding technology must be backed by evidence in the paper
and the authors must be prepared to publicly discuss such claims at the
workshop.  Submissions must be made electronically, preferably as a pdf
file (non-color) of no more than 15 pages, in the Springer LNCS series
format with the addition of page numbers (TeX/LaTeX output highly
recommended).  Submissions should be sent to the program chair, Ira
Moskowitz, at

Paper submission:                     7 December 2000 (tentative)
Notification of acceptance:           12 February 2001 (tentative) 
Camera-ready copy for preproceedings: 22 March 2001 (tentative)
Camera-ready copy for proceedings:    24 May 2001 (tentative)

The proceedings will be published after the workshop by Springer  in
their LNCS Series.

Program committee:  
Ross Anderson (Cambridge University, UK) 
David Aucsmith (Intel Corp, USA) 
Jean-Paul Linnartz (Philips Research, Netherlands) 
Steven Low (University of Melbourne, Australia) 
John McHugh (SEI/CERT, USA) - General Chair 
Ira Moskowitz (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)  - Program Chair
Fabien Petitcolas (Microsoft Research, UK) 
Andreas Pfitzmann (Dresden University of Technology, Germany) 
Jean-Jacques Quisquater (Universit'e Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)

Further information can be obtained at or by contacting the program chair at